• Erica Potholm is the creative force behind the hip, stylish and distinctive jewelry collection known as MaddAlex Designs. She hand selects every gemstone, tassel, and component and designs her pieces to be unique, modern and affordable. Erica utilizes primarily gemstones, Swarovski crystals, vermeil, karat gold and sterling silver in her creations. In 2017, Erica expanded her collection to include gorgeous silk and suede tassels, horn tusks and arrowheads, and earthy matte gemstones. Her latest collection (Fall/Winter 2017) features fun and fabulous genuine leather cuffs and earrings. Her designs feature a comfortable and casual elegance…wear them with a little black dress or, better yet, your favorite blue jeans and a simple t-shirt. And many of Erica’s creations are one-of-a-kind; and incorporate unique objects or stones acquired during her many gem hunting excursions.

    Erica is the daughter of nationally-known, glass bead maker and artist, Inara Knight. For well over 25 years, Erica has been exposed to and inspired by beautiful beads and the art of handcrafted jewelry. Erica, who is a CPA, left the corporate world of accounting and business management years ago to focus more time raising her children. In doing so, she also found a passion for jewelry design. The name of Erica's jewelry collection, MaddAlex Designs, was inspired by her two boys. Her 14-year-old son’s middle name is Maddox and her 11-year-old son's middle name is Alexander, which morphed into MaddAlex Designs and brings with it the creative spirit of the family's next generation!